Graceflow - Welcoming Remarks

Hi everyone, welcome to Graceflow – your spiritual gateway. My name is Hing Tang, the founder of Donkey Ministry which hosts Graceflow. Our platform is based on one overarching premise, which is from 1 Thessalonians in the Bible, chapter 1 verse 5: “because our gospel came to you not simply with words but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and deep conviction.” So Graceflow is organized around these five categories, namely: the Christian Gospel, God’s Words, Divine Power to overcome darkness, the Holy Spirit and finally, our Conviction. Each category has its own purpose, contents and theology background. And the applications of these understandings to our daily lives are actually much broader and deeper than most people think. For example, we will cover family, love, financial life, politics issues and so on. To achieve this, we aim to build this platform up with carefully selected contents to illustrate the validity and relevance of 1 Thess 1:5 to you today.

For now, many of the contents on Graceflow come from public sources, especially YouTube. But there are some proprietary insightful messages provided by some faithful Christian workers. They deserve greater attention and our support. So Graceflow provides an easy donation channel to support our partners. And you are encouraged to support them through this platform. The net proceeds, after deducting some administrative charges, will go direct to our partners. Graceflow will send you the donation acknowledgement if you provide your contact information. You may also ask our partners to send you the receipt as well.

Finally, I pray that you will enjoy this platform. Ours is not strictly a social media because we need to safeguard the contents. Nevertheless, you are strongly encouraged to become our partner, content provider or volunteer. The submitted content will be reviewed by the Graceflow editor team. Let’s be determined to connect with God and our fellow Christians. Together we can:

Preach the Gospel with Words, Power, the Holy Spirit and deep Conviction !